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Bill Harvey OutdoorScapes
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In any environment, we strive to achieve a beauty and harmony among three major elements of the earth.

We also apply the three greatest elements of our work: knowledge, craft, and creativity. They all stem from our years of experience.


  Transform your outdoor space into a place of tranquil beauty with the sights and sounds of a water feature. Aquascaping-landscaping design with water could be a simple fountain, a bubbling stream, or a splashing waterfall... or perhaps a custom designed water garden alive with plants and wildlife.    

  Stonework is artistry in its own right, bringing great beauty and natural attraction to your home landscape. Rocks are the “bones” that bring structure to your OutdoorScape. Add a water feature and the gardens... and that's extraordinary creativity.    

  Well-designed and installed landscaping—the trees, shrubs, stonework and waterworks that surround your home—all together create an inviting outdoor extension of your inside living space. We guarantee that your family will spend a lot more time enjoying the great outdoors in your well-integrated OutdoorScape.